Genesys, LLC was formed to develop and commercialize the eRET (Electrical Radiant Energy Transfer) and RET (Radiant Energy Transfer) technologies of generating renewable, carbon free, electricity and converting water to hydrogen, respectively. These two technologies can be integrated to simultaneously provide electricity and hydrogen, or operated separately.

Our mission is to provide economically competitive renewable, carbon-free electricity and cost effective hydrogen gas as an alternative to fossil derived hydrogen and electricity, as well as any alternative renewable electrical generation modalities such as wind, solar or biomass. We believe that hydrogen energy coupled with renewable, distributed economic electricity generation is the future driver of our civilization, tapping the unlimited energy source of the sun and the ocean. The days of cheap oil are coming to an end. Global warming looms as a challenge for our society and planet. We believe both of these pivotal problems can be solved with our breakthrough technology in the areas of electricity generation and hydrogen production. Imagine a world where air and water pollution from fossil fuels is a distant memory of history, or energy in the form of electricity and hydrogen is plentiful, environmentally safe and readily accessible to all. At Genesys, LLC we don't have to imagine it because the future for us is now. Our new eRET technology can meet our customer